Olympe, an high ROI solution

La Société Olympe (basée à l'Innovation Park de l’EPFL) a créé une Plateforme de Développement accéléré et d’Intégration inter-systèmes permettant d’augmenter les capacités des systèmes existants sans les modifier (approche Bimodale).

The simplicity and flexibility of the Olympe solution allows IT teams to reduce development costs while allowing them to be closer to business needs.

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Olympe, Agile development platform

The Olympe platform allows you to create your own custom applications in an accelerated and low-cost way thanks to its approach based on visual programming (i.e. the assembly, directly on the screen, of reusable software bricks).

Listening to business needs

The Olympe solution allows your business and IT teams to develop, in a fully collaborative way, custom addons and software solutions to:
• Address your core business needs on critical processes, through innovative use cases (Industry 4.0, Supply-Chain and Logistics in real time, IoT, Digitization and Automation of processes, real-time interactions with field users, etc ...)
• Digital Transformation by testing new ideas through Rapid Prototyping, for Innovation purposes
• Increase the capacities of existing system software without modifying them (Bimodal approach)
The Olympe solution being collaborative with a bimodal approach, the Time-to-Market is fast and, therefore, at low cost. Thus all the applications or interfaces carried out on core business themes have a very good ROI.

Examples of using Olympe

For example, Olympe makes it possible to address needs such as:
• Create real time dashboards from multi-server or/and multi-site data and information
• Digitization of any business process (Purchasing, Finance, Accounting, Customer management, Logistics, Production, R&D, ...)
• Fluidification of exchanges between different existing heterogeneous systems such as, for example, between an ERP and a business application
• Certification and authentication solution
• Create real time actionable and interactive dashboards from multi-server or/and multi-site data and information
• ...

An example: SAP Ariba

The simplicity and flexibility of the Olympe solution allowed the IT teams of one of Olympe's clients to extend the functionality of its ARIBA platform in just a few days.
This is how the gaps between SAP, SAP Ariba and the business needs of the Purchasing Department could be filled very quickly, to everyone's satisfaction.

Do you want evidence ?

It is to show you our know-how that we offer you to make a free and non-binding prototype on the theme or the need of your choice.
Interested in this proposal or just a quick chat about it, let's make an appointment together !
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The Olympe Company (based at the EPFL Innovation Park) was founded in 2015.
It has carried out 2 successive fundraising events (CHF 2.5 million and CHF 1 million) from investors, and its current objective is to identify innovative projects in Switzerland to promote the Olympe platform.

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